A New Search Algorithm for Multifunction Phased Array Radar

R. Fatemi Mofrad and R.A. Sadeghzadeh (Iran)


Signal Processing, Phased Array Radar,Detection.


Multifunction phased array radars have the potential of directing the electromagnetic radar beam without mechanically adjusting the antenna. Furthermore, the beam can be redirected instantaneously towards any location in space. Instantaneous, adaptive beam pointing enables the combination of functions such as tracking, surveillance, and weapon guidance each of which requires access to a shared antenna. Therefore, there is the need to optimize radar resource allocation adaptively according to dynamically changing environments. In this paper, the optimal search is investigated based on the search performance and quantified radar load. Therefore, the overall probability of detection is evaluated to calculate the average probability of track initiation. A novel algorithm for adaptive optimal search is presented and analyzed through simulations.

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