Effect Evaluation of Carrier Fluctuations in Vertical Plane on Synthetic Aperture Radar Performance

V. Verba, V. Gandurin, I. Omelchyuk, and A. Kosogor (Russia)


Synthetic aperture radar, performance evaluation, airborneradar, stabilisation.


The effect of angular carrier fluctuations in vertical plane on Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) performance is analyzed. It has been shown, that the SAR antenna needs to be stabilized about the carrier lateral axis but not on the pitch, as it is traditionally agreed, but on the carrier attack angle in order to compensate the effects of such carrier fluctuations. It is especially important at flight with climbing or descending, when the antenna pitch stabilization results in full radar image loss. Required accuracy of stabilization according to attack angle has been determined for operation without displacement of the swath from track line and with displacement out of the swath in range.

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