Time-Frequency Processing and Analysis of Radar Imaging Experiment Data for a Moving Train

Y. Zhang, Y. Deng, W. Zhai, X. Zhang, and J. Jiang (PR China)


Short Time Frequency Transform (STFT), Radar imaging,Doppler frequencies, Interferometric phase, Train.


Time-frequency analysis method has been widely applied to processing time-varying radar signals. In this paper Short Time Frequency Transform (STFT) method is used to analyze the radar signals from a moving train by ground-based Ku-band two-channel radar. The Instant Doppler frequencies (IDFs) are obtained at near range and far range gates along azimuthal direction as well as the IDFs of train head, train middle, and train tail, which clearly show that the train moved at positive acceleration when from north to south and moved at negative acceleration when from south to north. Besides this, the IDFs and the Interferometric Phase Images (IPIs) show that the speed variation range for north-bound train is larger than that of south-bound train.

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