Phase Fluctuations of Scattered Radiation by Magnetized Plasma Slab

G.V. Jandieri (Georgia), A. Ishimaru (USA), V.G. Jandieri (Korea), N.N. Zhukova, A.I. Gvelesiani, A.A. Surmava, Z.M. Diasamidze, and M.R. Diasamidze (Georgia)


Earth space, irregularities, amplitude and phase fluctuations, correlation function, plasma slab.


Statistical characteristics of scattered electromagnetic (EM) waves by turbulent magnetized plasma slab with electron density and magnetic field fluctuations are considered via perturbation method and boundary conditions. Magnetic field fluctuates both in magnitude and direction. The set of stochastic differential equation for scattered electric field strength is obtained if frequency of an incident wave exceeds the ion gyrofrequency and effective electron collision frequency with the ions and molecules. Analytical expression for the component of scattered EM wave phase is derived. Second order statistical moments of the phase fluctuations is obtained for arbitrary correlation functions of fluctuating plasma parameters. Numerical calculations of statistical characteristics of scattered radiation are carried out for anisotropic Gaussian correlation function for electron density fluctuation and correlation tensor of the second order for the fluctuation of an external magnetic field. The phase portraits of correlation functions of the amplitude and phase fluctuations are constructed.

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