Comparative Assessment of Short Term Electricity Distribution Planning with Long Term Vision Oriented Planning

M.J. Saulo, C.T. Gaunt, and O. Dzobo (S. Africa)


Electricity distribution planning; Multi criteria decision making (MCDM); Short term and long term vision planning approach; Kenya; Simple multi-attribute rating technique (SMART)


This paper presents an assessment of electricity distribution system planning by comparing short term planning approach with a long term vision oriented planning approach. Solutions to both approaches are evaluated using the same Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) evaluation criteria and a separate cost calculated for each solution. The most desirable solution is identified by comparing the cost of each configured solution with a capital investment budget of the distribution network envisaged in the vision or budget for that particular approach. The results from the case study show that the two approaches reveal different outcomes. Short term planning approach end up being an expensive option in the long run, at the same time it does not give adequate technical insight to the planners to enable them make sound decision regarding present and future distribution network problems. The long term vision oriented approach demonstrates the ability to make strategic planning decisions relating to the whole distribution network and also individual planning problems simultaneously. It thus gives a microscopic view of all the planned projects and problems within the planning horizon period which enables providing for deferment of some of the network investments until appropriate time.

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