Fossil Coal Fuel for Space Heating and Cooking in Rural Areas of Botswana

S. Situmbeko, D. Setlhaolo, and G.O. Anderson (Botswana)


Biomass energy; domestic clean coal technology


Coal will continue being an important energy resource not only in Botswana but in several other developing countries where the majority of the populations rely on biomass energy and do not have access to clean energy technologies. Several emerging commercial clean coal technologies have been developed such as fluidized bed combustion (FBC), liquefaction and gasification. Affordable clean domestic coal combustors are seen as a potential solution to providing energy to the majority who rely on biomass energy. Biomass energy, though a renewable energy resource, can only remain renewable under sustainable usage regimes. Increases in populations, expansion of residential and agricultural land mean that there is less and less of biomass reserves to harvest from sustainably. This paper explores means of developing safe and clean coal technology systems in the context of a domestic setup in rural areas of Botswana.

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