Automated Wind Farm Simulation (AWFS)

M. Weimbs, W. Schellong, and O. Herrera Sánchez (Germany)


Wind Energy, Repowering, Small Wind Turbines, Wind Farm Simulation.


Regarding a possible climate change and the increasing prices concerning fossil fuels (e.g. mineral oil, natural gas, coal, etc.) the usage of renewable energies is getting more and more important. The past decade outlined that the establishment of a sustainable energy supply is admittedly a difficult task, but that this branch of business is full of innovations. And as a matter of fact there is still enough space for new ideas. The present software concept, called Automated Wind Farm Simulation (acronym: AWFS), is designed to handle three planning challenges regarding the site assessment of wind energy projects: The development of new potential sites, the so-called „Repowering“ of existing wind farms and as there is an increased demand for non-commercial or rather private systems the particular site assessment regarding small wind turbines (SWT). The innovative thought regarding the AWFS is up to the term „Automated“ based on a comprehensive investigation concerning the current state of the art of computer-aided wind farm simulation, which results in the cognition that there is a high innovative potential regarding the decision making referring to the selection of wind turbine positions and the general handling (user-friendliness, system requirements, computing-time, etc.).

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