Characterization of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices: Need for a Standard

A.R. Akande, A. Nechibvute, and P.V.C. Luhanga (Botswana)


Piezoelectric, Performance Metrics, Standard, Energy Harvesting, Characterization, Alternative Energy and the Environment, Energy conversion


Energy harvesting is a field of substantial and increasing interest; and the use of piezoelectric devices for harvesting ambient energy into useful electrical energy is an area of intense research especially for applications in wireless sensor networks. The reported power output from the harvesting devices is increasing although the values are far below the theoretically predicted values. The metrics for comparing different piezoelectric harvester devices are not clearly defined, and there is no internationally binding standard on vibration energy harvesting using piezoelectric devices. It is the intention of this paper to present need for the universal performance metrics to characterize piezoelectric energy harvester devices.

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