Metrological Parameters Enhancement for Polar Coordinates Laser Pattern Generator

A.V. Kiryanov (Russia)


Accuracy, circular scanning, angle measuring structures


Producing high-quality optical limbs, circular scales, rasters, multibit code disks (key metrological elements hereinafter called “angle measuring structures” (AMS) is an important engineering problem for any manufacturer, making angle measuring gauges. The analysis of the precision parameters of the AMS that were made by the method of circular scanning has revealed that the distorted circular trajectory of the recording laser beam moving across the surface of a semimanufactured article to be the main source of errors in the AMS produced. The main reason causing the distortion has been the rotor disbalance in the spindle unit of the laser pattern generator. The article offers solutions for accuracy enhancement in manufacturing precision angle measuring structures. It also describes error estimation process in the raster, manufactured upon implementing the solutions offered.

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