Semantic Network of Knowledge in Science of Law

V. Tatsyi, A. Getman, S. Ivanov, V. Karasiuk, O. Lugoviy, and O. Sokolov (Ukraine)


Artificial intelligence, database, semantic net, ontologies, webinterface


The manuscript deals with the task of creating a semantic network of knowledge for lawyers. The network takes into account the peculiarities of legal information: low degree of structure development; textual character; a substantial volume; usage of synonyms; descriptive nature and location in different sources. The structure of the knowledge database realizing ontology represented of legal information has been developed. The legal knowledge database is presented by notion system with a random set of connections. The work concerns the developed software package JURONT and methods of its usage. The software package consists of 4 products, ensuring all the regimes of this systems functioning. The tasks that can be solved on the legal knowledge database in this software package have been formulated. These materials will be applied in Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Ukraine) as a knowledge–oriented consultative system of students individual studying in speciality “Law” and checking their knowledge.

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