Intelligent and Innovative Monitoring of Large Tank Farm based on DCS

A. Firoozshahi (Iran)


Control system, DCS, Tank Management System, Monitoring, Automation system


Developing Distributed Control System is a major industrial concern since those systems are more and more complex and involved in many safety critical application fields. The Distributed Control System (DCS) is being widely used in Power, Steel manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Petrochemicals for monitoring, advance process control, regulatory and sequential control and various other functions. DCS is operated either in single mode and or it is interfaced with other systems such as PLC, SCADA, and Etc for enhanced functionality. Tank Gauging by DCS is much more than just automated inventory management, it’s about having more control over your fuelling operation, collecting accurate information from your sites with less effort and allowing you to make better decisions about your assets. This paper focuses on an innovative and intelligent monitoring DCS based Tank Gauging Control system that has been designed, implemented and commissioned in large tank farm oil terminal. The main scopes of monitoring are described in this paper.

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