Automated System for Electrical Conductivity Relaxation Study of Solid Oxide Materials

Yu.S. Okhlupin, N.F. Uvarov, I.N. Skovorodin, P.G. Safonov, D.Skovorodin, and A. Arakcheev (Russia)


Automated system, conductivity relaxation, oxygen transport


The automated system for a study of the electrical conductivity relaxation (ECR) in solid oxide electronic conductors is developed. This automated system realizes precise ECR measurements for investigation of oxygen transport in solids since it provides both high speed and high accuracy of oxygen pressure change-out. The system includes hardware, measuring devices, and software based on graphical programming package LabVIEW 8.5. According to their parameters (short pressure change-out time, low overshoot magnitude, enhanced stability of the oxygen partial pressure in a wide range of oxygen activities (from 1 to 10-18 atm), convenient and flexible facilities for planning the experiment, full automation of the experiment) the system is significantly superior to conventional gas flow cells. In the developed system a unique principle of pressure change-out is implemented when gas flow control is combined with electrochemical methods of oxygen pressure regulation.

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