Innovative Water Treatment Plant Monitoring and Automation System in Large Gas Refinery

A. Firoozshahi (Iran)


Control system, industrial automation, water treatment plant, PLC, utomation system


Process Control System (PCS) is used widely in infrastructure (including electric power, water, petroleum, and natural gas), as well as in various manufacturing operations. An automation system, commonly referred to as a Process Control System or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, is critical to the efficient operation, safe and reliable of so many Industrial Processes. Electronic automation of control enables quicker and more coordinated system management compared to human operation, and in many cases there is no effective alternative to the use of PCS. Water treatment plants have to provide good water quality and at the same time low operational costs. Owing to various physical, chemical and biological interactions water treatment processes are often difficult to handle and reliable predictions for the course of processes are difficult to obtain. This paper focuses on an innovative and intelligent, hardware and software, control and supervisory system for Industrial Water Treatment Plant that has been successfully designed, implemented and commissioned for large Gas Refinery after case study in international standards.

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