Birfurcation of Extremals in the Parametric Control Problem for the Three-Sector Model of Economy

A.A. Ashimov, Yu.V. Borowski, D.B. Nurseitov, S.Ya. Serovajski, and B.T. Sultanov (Kazakhstan)


Control, extremals bifurcation, economics, three-sector model


The control dynamic system described by nonlinear differential equations with state constraints is considered. The control functions are chosen from the given set of the admissible regulations. The bifurcation of the extremals in the examined parametric control problem is the phenomenon of the non-uniqueness optimal regulation for some uncontrolled parameters of the given system. The extremals bifurcation problem for the three-sector model of the economy is considered as an example. It is solved by means of an iterative algorithm using the projection gradient method. The set of the extremals bifurcation points is obtained for the large scope of the system parameters.

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