EPICS-DDS: Rationale, Status and Applications

N. Malitsky, N. Hasabnis, J. Shah, R. Talman, and N. Wang (USA)


Model-based Control, EPICS, DDS, SOA


Data Distributed Service (DDS) from the Object Management Group represents the next generation of the industrial middleware standards bringing a data centric publish-subscribe paradigm to distributed control systems. In comparison with the existing middleware technologies, the data-centric approach combined with a rich set of the QoS policies is able to provide a consistent consolidated model supporting the different data dissemination scenarios. This paper presents a new extension to Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS), approaching the DDS interface based on the Channel Access protocol. Recently, EPICS-DDS formed a platform for building the three-tier high-level accelerator application environment. The paper discusses the status of this project, applications, and new directions.

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