Optimization of a 5kW Solar Powered Alpha Stirling Engine using Powell's Method

A. Shamekhi and A. Aliabadi (Iran)


Numerical simulation, Stirling engine, Powell’s method, Optimization.


In this paper a solar powered alpha Stirling engine has been simulated by using second order method. In this method, the engine is divided to five basic sections including hot cylinder, cold cylinder, hot heat exchanger, cold heat exchanger and regenerator. All engine sections have been modeled by using thermodynamic relations and some known experimental relations. Solving derived equations at each time step, engine performance parameters such as engine power and engine efficiency can be determined for a complete Stirling cycle. A computational software named Numeric Stirling1 is developed for numerical simulation of Stirling engine. The engine geometric and thermal parameters have the most important effect on the engine performance. In this work, these parameters have been improved by using Powell’s optimization method.

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