Study on Optimal Allocation of Regional Water Resources based on 3E Theory

L. Wang, C. Zhai, H. Zhang, and Z. Zhang (PR China)


Water resources; optimal allocation; 3E theory; multi-objective model


The optimal allocation of regional water resources plays an important role in dealing with the current contradiction between supply and demand of water resources. This article presents that a multi-objective optimal allocation model of regional water resources can be created based on 3E theory, where its theoretical foundation comes from sustainable development theory, for the regional water resources allocation in view of the status and characteristics of water in one region. The multi-objective model consists of economic sub-objectives, social sub-objectives and environmental sub-objectives. As for an appointed region, the model is developed for the water resources allocation based on analysis of water resources in the region. The practical verification shows that the model is an effective means to resolve the issue of regional water resources optimal allocation and the model provides the reliable basis for the sustainable utilization of regional water resources planning and management.

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