Numerical Parametric Study of Complex Air Flow in a Three-Dimensional Mining Axial Fan

J. Aumond-Beaupré, M.-A. Brisson-Gironne, and G. Dituba Ngoma (Canada)


Axial Fan, Navier-Stokes, Computional Fluid Dynamics, Modeling and Simulation


This work numerically investigates the effects that key design parameters of the axial fan, including blade angle, deflector number, deflector width and inlet cone diameter, have on steady state air flow in a three-dimensional axial fan. The equations of the continuity and the Navier Stokes with the k-ε turbulence model and the standard wall functions were used by mean of a CFX-code. The results achieved reveal that the key parameters considered impacted on the efficiency, static pressure rise and brake horsepower of the fan, and thus its performance was. The simulation results for static pressure rise and brake horsepower were compared with the experimental values obtained.

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