An Adaptive Multiresolutional Approach for Interactive Simulation of Cloth

U. Völlinger, M. Wewetzer, F. Hausser, and A. Ley (Germany)


Physically-based Modelling, real time , adaptive multiresolution mesh


In the highly active research field of physics based sim ulation of cloth, two major challenges are to create more realistic results, i.e. to enhance the accuracy of the simula tions, and to achieve shorter run-times. Simulation of cloth is a computationally expensive task, due to the specific ma terial properties. Cloth has a high resistance to stretching forces whereas almost none to bending, therefore large de formations can occur. The computation time as much as the accuracy of the sim ulation both depend on the resolution of the model. How ever, not every region of the model needs the same reso lution. Furthermore, the need for accuracy in a region can change during interactive simulation due to applied forces. Therefore, local deformations should be treated by local adaption of the resolution. In this paper an algorithm is presented which enables real time simulation on irregular triangle meshes using an adap tive hierarchical mesh approach. Irregular meshes are supe rior to regular rectangle meshes, as arbitrarily shaped mod els can be handled. The dynamics is described by a mass spring system. The designed method is able to redistribute the physical parameters of the model from one refinement level to another while largely conserving the deformation behavior, including the bending stiffness of the cloth.

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