Hand Controlled Virtual Taiwan Puppet Show

Y. Wang, D.R. Tzeng, Y.-L. Kuo, and T.N. Chen (Taiwan)


Augmented Reality, simulation, Taiwan Puppet Show, hand control, human-computer interface


The cultural and creative industry has gradually become the mainstream industry in the world, and was included in the top-six emerging industries in Taiwan. The purpose of the research is to develop the Taiwan Puppet Show [1] of Taiwan traditional culture into an interactive entertainment product by employing modern technology. This project is to virtualize the Taiwan Puppet Show. The research program includes two phases. In the first phase, we are trying to conclude principles based on the relation of puppet movements and manipulation of hands. Then, in the second phase, the computer interaction techniques were introduced to develop application software which possesses the nature of the entertainment and value of traditional culture. This paper aimed at the second phase of the research project in which the detail of the design idea employed and the practice are introduced. The glove (or finger cover) for VR identification shall be designed and provided in the research. It is hoped that optimal palm operation system can be obtained by comparison study of different glove design based on different design idea.

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