Modelling of Track Bound Transport Systems for the Virtual Production

R. Wischnewski and J. Rossmann (Germany)


Transport Systems, Virtual Production, 3-D Modelling, Simulation, Virtual Reality


We present a new approach to the modelling of transport systems. The approach allows for more analysis options than any other existing approach but is restricted to track bound and carrier based transport systems. Resulting models are applicable for the virtual production as they support high-quality 3-D visualization of the transport components, development of original controller programs, real time simulation of the transport processes including peripheral devices, failure analysis, and virtual reality methods. We introduce the new basic modelling elements, the combination possibilities, and some physical properties of the new modelling approach. Furthermore, we present a two-level modelling concept: Low-level modelling allows for modular modelling of the components of any manufacturer’s transport system in detail; High-level modelling is intended to create entire transport system models by geometrically snapping together components taken from electronic catalogues in 3-D space. High-level modelling also fully integrates into an engineer’s usual workflow. We have implemented the new concepts for an existing 3-D simulation system and done some projects to prove the operability and the industrial relevance of the new modelling approach.

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