An Analytical Framework for the Performance Analysis of TCP TS-Prio Protocol

L.H. Teixeira, E.C. Gomes Wille, and W. Godoy Jr. (Brazil)


TCP model, TS-Prio, FPA, QoS, priority, congestion.


The TCP TS-Prio (Transient & Static Priority) protocol im plements service differentiation by appropriate modifica tion of the sliding window size considering the data transfer priority. In this paper, we propose a methodology that can be used to estimate key performance parameters, such as packet loss, queueing delays, window sizes, and through puts. Our approach models a single TCP TS-Prio source using a Markovian chain. The superposition and interac tion of several TCP sources, with service differentiation, is then analyzed. The analysis shows that TCP TS-Prio is able to offer service differentiation depending on the net work congestion.

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