Modeling Knowledge-Flow View for Knowledge Support in Teamwork

C.-W. Lin, D.-R. Liu, and H.-F. Chen (Taiwan)


Knowledge-based systems, knowledge flow, knowledge-flow view


Through knowledge flows, organizations can provide task-relevant knowledge to workers to fulfill their knowledge-needs. Nevertheless, conventional knowledge flow models do not provide different views of knowledge flow according to the different knowledge-needs of individuals or team workers. In this work, we propose a novel concept and a theoretical model of knowledge-flow view. A knowledge-flow view is a virtual knowledge flow derived from a base knowledge flow to provide abstracted knowledge. According to different workers‟ knowledge needs, the knowledge-flow view model abstracts some knowledge nodes of a knowledge flow to generate corresponding virtual knowledge nodes by a knowledge concept generalization mechanism. The virtual knowledge flows not only fulfill workers‟ different knowledge-needs but also provide effective knowledge support in teamwork.

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