Modelling of Robotized Site and Simulation of Robot's Optimum Placement and Orientation Zone

K. Baizid, R. Chellali (Italy), A. Yousnadj (Algeria), A. Meddahi, J. Iqbal, and T. Bentaleb (Italy)


CAD based robotic systems, Robot placement, Industrial robot simulation, robotized task optimization.


Several requirements have been addressed in the robots working in workshops related to the use and management of robotized sites. These requirements take place within the definition and design stages of the robotized site. The need to validate and define the industrial tasks has lead to develop tools that provide aid to the user, e.g. the optimum placement (position and orientation) of the robot in its working site, the robot trajectory to accomplish the task etc. Additionally, the placement of the robot in the robotized sites carries potential benefits in terms of task accomplishment time as well as the overall cost in industries and automation. In this paper, we propose a general approach based on SolidWorks Application Programming Interface (API) to provide a virtual representation of the site allowing the determination of the robot placement and orientation zone and the optimization of the task time based on this zone. To validate the developed approach, an important and frequent industrial robotics task (spot welding) is considered. The proposed modelling and simulation strategy show the effectiveness of the method. Namely, we show how the optimum robot placement and orientation is achieved with consideration of minimum time criterion. As well, we present how the designers deal with the definition of the robotised tasks and their feasibility. Moreover, our API-based scheme facilitates handling of commonly encountered problems related to the real implementation of serial robots.

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