Development of a Lean Learning Platform for UK Primary Schools: Towards On-Line Reporting

M. Dixon (UK)


Primary Schools, eLearning, Learning Platform


Recently, the UK government has described the expectation that by September 2012 all Primary Schools will provide on-line reporting of pupil progress to parents. This presents difficulties for Primary Schools that have limited resources and expertise to investigate such technologies without compromising their core teaching activities. Teachers are also naturally reluctant to rush into something that has child-safety issues. This paper describes a prototype ‘lean’ learning platform software developed from a collaboration between a UK Primary School and the University, and the iterative, reduced complexity approach taken. The software was demonstrated to and trialled with the School, prior to going live during December 2009. It has been well received and used extensively (70 pages of user-generated content). It will now provide a vehicle for exploring the potential functionality and detailed user requirements, with the full flexibility to modify the system.

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