Wide Baseline Stereo Matching through Junction Parametric and Polar Warping

S. Kamel, M. Moharram, and R. Elias (Egypt)


Point matching, point correspondence, wide baseline, transformation, correlation, junction warping.


In this paper, we propose to a new approach to solve the wide baseline stereo matching problem. Our approach is based on detecting junctions in both views using the so called JUDOCA detector. A junction is identified by its location as well as the orientations of the edges intersecting at this location. An m-edge junction where m > 2 can be split into a series of 2-edge junctions. Every 2-edge junction defines its own parametric and polar coordinate systems. We propose to use such systems in order to perform cross correlation among different junctions. Experimental results show that this approach is effective in case of wide baseline stereo setting where perspective deformation imposes a difficult problem.

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