Transformation to Formalized Business Process Model

G.-W. Kim, S.H. Lee, H. Seo, and J.H. Son (Korea)


BPMN, Business Process, Transformation to WS-BPEL, Formalized Model


A number of business organizations are beginning to realize the importance of business process management (BPM) in achieving specific organizational goals through process automation. BPM developed as process-aware system that is based on a defined process model. This process model is translated into an executable language that can be executed by process engine. However, gaps often exist between the process model and the executable language. In other words, the process model cannot be fully represented in the executable language. In addition, a lack of formalized procedures during the model design phase will exacerbate ambiguities and inconsistencies, further complicating model verification and translation to the executable language. In this paper, we present a mechanism for transforming a BPMN-based process model into a formalized process model that can be better represented in WS-BPEL and verifying a model using a workflow-based verification mechanism, thus avoiding the ambiguities and inconstancies inherent to BPMN based process models.

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