Split Disk-Cache Architecture to Reduce Read Miss Ratio

S. Baskiyar and C. Wang (USA)


Disk cache; split disk cache; read miss ratio; metadata


The widening performance gap between processor and disk demands innovations. Several optimization techniques, (e.g., read caching, write buffering, prefetching), have been proposed to narrow this gap. Read caching is the least effective technique among them in resource-poor condition. In this paper, we propose a novel technique which splits the disk cache into metadata and data to improve read miss ratio. The proposal is based on observations that metadata is smaller in size and more frequently accessed than its data. Split caches can reduce the interference between metadata and data. Our study shows that by splitting the disk cache the effective read miss ratio can be improved by 20%, which in turn would bring about 16% performance improvements in response time. Furthermore, the total size of the split caches is about 35%-97% of the unified cache to reach the same read miss ratio.

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