A Multilayer Epidemic Simulation Framework Integrating Geographic Information System with Traveling Networks

C.-Y. Huang, Y.-S. Tsai, T.-H. Wen, and C.-T. Sun (Taiwan)


Epidemic dynamics, Multilayer model, Traveling network, Geographic information system, Computer simulation


The post-infection symptoms that individuals present are affected by age and the routes by which viruses are spread are determined by such movement factors as traveling networks. Here we describe a multilayer epidemiological framework call MEDSIM that integrates population-based and network-oriented approaches. The multilayer framework, which contains a geographic information system for purposes of capturing spatial variations in disease transmission, is capable of providing geospatial insights that reflect the impacts of pandemics and the dynamic processes of different simulation scenarios. It is our wish that the proposed framework and the simulation technology will assist in understanding the impacts of different outbreak locations and response policy combinations, as well as the timing of interventions.

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