A Proposal of Neuron Model Capable of Neurite Elongation by NGF based on Physiological Characteristics

M. Kikuchi (Japan)


growth factor, Nerve cell communication


This paper proposes a physiologic mathematical model for a minimal neural network. Then, the mathematical models of neurocyte may automatically form small-neural networks if being able to use self-organization algorithm in the future. The results in this paper indicate that this simulation model was able to simulate "NGF taxis of axon" known as one of characteristics of the neurocyte. This "taxis" is one of the significant functions for control of self-organization. In particular, this mathematical model includes potentiality that is able to design the small-neural networks that can mimic functions of insect's simple-nervous systems autonomously. There is an expectation that the results can be applied to the improvement of the self-growth miniature robot's controller in the future. However, this mathematical model has limitations in that the computing time to look for a network that satisfies the necessary conditions increases when a more complex neural network is required.

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