Modelling and Simulation of Two-Phase System with Bipolar PWM Controlled Matrix Converters

B. Dobrucky, M. Prazenica, and J. Kassa (Slovakia)


Matrix converters, simulation, two phase systems


The paper deals with the modelling and simulation of two phase systems with orthogonal voltages and currents. The investigated systems are power electronic converters supplying alternating current motors. Output voltages of them are strongly non-harmonic ones, so they must be pulse-modulated due to requested nearly sinusoidal currents with low total harmonic distortion. The half bridge connection of converters with bipolar PWM modulation has been chosen for next applications. Comparison of state-space- and discrete complex Fourier analysis is carried-out. Simulation experiment results of half-bridge matrix converter for both steady- and transient states for R-L and motor load are given in the paper, also experimental verification under R-L load. The results worked-out confirm a very good time-waveform of the phase current and the system seems to be suitable for low cost application in automotive/aerospace industries and application with high frequency voltage sources.

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