Combined Real-Time Model of PMSM with Off-Line Identified Parameters

M. Stulrajter, V. Bobek, B. Dobrucky, and P. Sevcik (Slovakia)


Identification, Estimation


The paper deals with combined real-time model of PM synchronous motor for sensorless position control in the field of robotic systems. Real-parametric- and real-time model could be ideal tools for both control and simulation of the PMSM position drive. Unfortunately that idealized model doesn’t exist so far. Such a model has to face following serious problems: it must be excited and synchronized by real input including non-linearities of power supply converter (switch voltage drops, dead-times,..); it should also provide on-line identification of the motor parameters in cluding load changes. Combine real-time model proposed in the paper fulfills most of those requirements: it is supplied by real data from the motor stator voltages, so it is exactly synchronized with real system, and it works with off-line identified motor parameters.

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