Controlling a Negative Loaded Hydraulic Cylinder using Pressure Feedback

M.R. Hansen (Norway) and T.O. Andersen (Denmark)


Control, stability, Pressure feedback, negative load, overcenter valves, hydraulics.


This paper is concerned with the inherent oscillatory nature of pressure compensated velocity control of a hydraulic cylinder subjected to a negative load and suspended by means of an over-center valve. Initially, a linearized stability analysis of such a hydraulic circuit is carried out clearly showing that without extra measures such a system will be unstable in a substantial part of the cylinder stroke. The stability criterion is expressed in hard quantities: Cylinder volumes, cylinder area ratio and overcenter valve pilot area ratio. A pressure feed back scheme that has as target to maintain the high pass filtered pressure gradient equal tozero is introduced. It yields lead compensation with a markedly improved performance. The sizing of the filter is described taking into account the bandwidth of the directional control valve. The suggested control scheme is implemented and examined in a non linear time domain simulation model validating the linear stability analysis.

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