Control of Heat Exchanger using Predictive Approach

P. Chalupa, J. Novák, and V. Bobál (Czech Republic)


Predictive control, Recursive least squares method, TISO system, Heat exchanger, Real-time control


Heat exchange is a classical thermal process which occurs in a wide range of industrial technologies, particularly in the energetic and chemical industry. The paper is focused on a problem of production of liquid (water) with a given temperature course in time. Heating or cooling of inflow water is realized by a heat exchanger which is equipped with heating element and a spiral tube which can serve as a cooling element. The water inside the exchanger can serve as a tank for various chemical or technological operations. The need for tempered water is quite common in many industry branches. From the control point of view, the controlled system is asymmetrical; it has two inputs (cooling and heating) and one output – temperature of water inside the exchanger. A set of predictive controllers were designed to cope with the problem and these controllers were verified and compared by a real time control of Multifunction Process Control Teaching System (MPCTS) – the Armfield PCT 40.

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