Verification of Fluid Structure Interaction Model of Pulsating Flow in a Silicone Pipe

N. Veshkina, D. Obidowski, J. Świniarski, and I. Zbiciński (Poland)


Fluid structure interaction, computational fluid dynamics, computer simulation, verification of model.


The aim of this study was to develop a non-invasive method to estimate the conditions of a patient’s blood vessel wall and predict the probability of an aneurysm’s rupture. To evaluate the hemodynamic forces acting on the arterial wall and in turn, the structural response of the arterial wall under variable pressure load, a fluid structure interaction (FSI) model was elaborated. Structural part of the FSI model was implemented in the ANSYS STRUCTURAL software, while calculations of fluid flow in the ANSYS-CFX. A multifield option was employed to couple structural and fluid flow models. In order to get experimental results necessary for development and verification of the FSI model, our own experimental set up simulating blood flow in a human aorta was designed, built and tested. The experimental rig was equipped with sensors and a computer acquisition system which enabled setting of the liquid flow rate and frequency of flow pulsation and collecting the process data: inlet and outlet pressure, flow rate, pipe diameter and frequency of flow oscillations. Experimental and computed changes in the diameter of silicone pipe, periodicity and repetition of the waveform were compared. Good correlation between experimental results and simulation was achieved.

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