Energy Optimal Control of a Cooling System - Limits of Performance

F. Kitanoski and A. Hofer (Austria)


Cooling Systems, Optimal Control, Mixed-Integer Linear Programming


In designing a cooling system of a hybrid vehicle, the task of finding suitable component sizes and an appropriate control strategy for the thermal management is a key factor to achieve an optimal performance of the entire vehicle. In the paper an optimization method for the energy consumption of the cooling system of the modelled hybrid vehicle over an a-priori known driving cycle is introduced. To solve the optimization problem a mathematical model of the cooling system is required. Maintain ing the accuracy a suitable model for the optimization task was developed. We propose a time discretization scheme for the specific problem that allows us to state the control problem as mixed integer linear progamming problem. As a result, we compute globally minimum energy consumption of the cooling system with respect to the maximum allowed temperature of the components. In fact, this result yields the energy optimal control of the electric water pump.

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