Application of Adaptive Tabu Search under Management Agent to Control Synthesis of Scaled Vehicle

D. Puangdownreong, J. Kluabwang, and S. Sujitjorn (Thailand)


Adaptive tabu search, Management agent, Control synthesis, and Scaled vehicle


In 2004, Sujitjorn et. al. proposed a modified version of the tabu search (TS) namely the adaptive tabu search (ATS) to solve combinatorial optimization problems. The ATS possesses the backtracking (BT) mechanism used to escape any local entrapment and the adaptive radius (AR) mechanism conducted to speed up the search process. Later, in 2008, Sujitjorn et. al. proposed the management agent (MA) for search algorithms to improve its performance. The MA contains three major mechanisms, i.e. partitioning mechanism (PM), discarding mechanism (DM), and sequencing mechanism (SM), respectively. This article proposes a significant application of the ATS under MA (MA(ATS)) on control synthesis for a scaled vehicle, the Illinois Roadway Simulator (IRS) system considered as three-degree-of-freedom. In this article, the algorithms of the ATS and MA are briefly described. From simulation results, the optimum controllers giving fast-and-smooth yaw rate responses can be achieved by the MA(ATS). Obtained satisfactory responses are superior to those from original exiting controllers.

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