A Semi-Automatic Method for Case Acquisition in CBR - A Study in Oil Well Drilling

S.V. Shokouhi, A. Aamodt, and P. Skalle (Norway)


Case-based reasoning, oil well drilling, knowledge discovery


Oil well drilling operation is a complex process, in which there are always new lessons learned during drilling operation. Case-based reasoning (CBR) is an approach to problem solving that recalls previous experiences. Whenever the process is running smoothly, or is failing, the experiences gained during such episodes are valuable and should be stored for later re-use. This paper presents a methodology for automatic case building and case discrimination to obtain a robust case-based reasoning and learning system. To achieve this, a platform that integrates cases with general domain knowledge was used and employed in the oil well drilling domain. The implemented system showed the efficiency of the methodology for capturing and re-using previous experiences.

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