Video Copy Detection based on Segment Feature Extraction

J. Kim, J.-H. Jang, T.-Y. Kim, and J.-H. Lee (Korea)


Video Copy Detection, Segment Feature Extraction, Multimedia.


Video has recently been commonly used for transferring information due to the continuous growth of the Internet. Because of this, illegal video copy detection is one of the most needed technologies. Existing video copy detection methods compare the whole video frames, so it may take a long time to detect a copy among many reference videos. In this paper, we propose a video copy detection method based on segment feature extraction. Our method groups similar frames as a segment, and then compares the similarity between two videos based on the segments. To evaluate our method, we used 100-hour quantity reference videos and 50 video files. We measured the video copy detection time and the detection accuracy by comparing with these sources. The result of these tests confirms that our method is 60 times more time-cost effective than, and just as accurate as, the existing method.

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