A Multi-Agent Approach to Integrated FDI & Reconfiguration of Autonomous Systems

B.A. Bakar and S.M. Veres (UK)


Reconfigurable control, FDI, Intelligent systems, Machine learning, Control application, Multi agent


This work is concerned with a new type of realtime reconfigurable control systems that is based on the use of autonomous agents. To this end, two stages have been examined in the context of intelligent agent decision making; the fault detection and identification (FDI) stage and the reconfiguration stage (RC). The FDI stage detects that a fault has occurred. It then further diagnoses the situation. The RC stage follows this by adapting or changing the control architecture to accommodate the fault. The problem is to synchronize or integrate these two stages in the overall structure of a control system on real world applications. The multi-agent architecture proposed in this paper has several advantages in terms of modularity, reliability, ability to learn and achieve overall higher robustness over past ”single software” methods. Initial tests on an example system have been carried out to demonstrate this new organisation of reconfigurable control systems.

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