A Tagline Proportional-Derivative Control for Anti-Swing Motion of a Load Suspended by a Floating Crane

N.-K. Ku, J.-H. Cha, J.-H. Kwon, and K.Y. Lee (Korea)


PD Control, Tagline, Anti-Swing, Floating Crane


This paper presents a tagline proportional-derivative (PD) control method for suppressing swing motion of a heavy load suspended by a floating crane in an ocean environment. The tagline mechanism, which is connected between the floating crane and the heavy load, is applied to the floating crane. The winch, mounted on the deck of the floating crane, is used to control the tension of the tagline. A PD control algorithm is applied to generate the control force of the winch. Swing angle feedback of the PD control is supplied by the encoder attached at the boom tip of the floating crane. To demonstrate the performance of the tagline control method, numerical simulations are performed on a nonlinear, six-dimensional mathematical model of the floating crane and the heavy load. The mathematical model of the floating crane is constructed to consider both the three-degrees-of-freedom principal of the floating crane and the heavy load, based on multibody system dynamics. The numerical and experimental simulation results are compared using a 1/100th scale model of the floating crane in the model basin. The results of the numerical simulation and experiment show that the tagline PD control method suppresses the swing motion of the load.

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