Virtual 3D Environment for On-Line Robot Contests

P. Bahnik, M. Gerke, and I. Masar (Germany)


Robot Simulation Contest Online E-Learning F.A.A.K.


As the mobile robots and various robot contests became very popular in the last few years, we developed the concept of a novel event for the students of our master module ”Mechatronics and Robotics” - a virtual robot contest. The main idea was to allow them to participate in a robot com petition and to design control strategies for various robot tasks without having a real robot. Instead, they can use a simulation and a virtual model of a mobile robot F.A.A.K., which was designed at our department. After preparatory stage, the students compete in an online contest with their robot models via Internet. In our contribution, the organization of the robot contest and developed simulation as well as communication tools are presented.

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