On the Synthesis of PID Gains to Reduce Vibration on the Slender Robot Manipulator

D. Lim, Y. Lee (Korea), and D. Swaroop (USA)


Robot Manipulator, PID control, Synthesis of Gain Parameters, Vibration Reduction, SIMO control


A robot manipulator in the production system has faced a challenge to the new environment: that it gets slimmer, lighter, and multi functional. Among the problems aroused in the mean time, induced vibration becomes a major issue to be eliminated in a short time. Considering a popularity of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control, utilizing it has a great amount of advantages to control the vibration. A novel idea to find all stabilizing fixed ordered controller’s gain sets has been studied, it is extensively applied in the paper. Since a PID gain map, visualized stabilizing controller parameter domain, can be obtained, the engineer easily tune the gain parameters for the objectives and even if one selected parameter set does not work, the alternatives can be made without difficulty repetitive troublesome. Also, one can find the most successful result set consulting the map within the system requirements such as the maximum torque of the actuator.

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