Mobile Robot Navigation using Visual Tags: A Review

A.G. Ozkil, Z. Fan, S. Dawids, J.K. Kristensen, K.H. Christensen, and H. Aanæs (Denmark)


Barcodes, Visual Tags, Mobile Robots, Navigation


This paper aims to give an overview of visual tagging systems and review robotics applications that use visual tags as navigational aids. Two main classes of visual tags are barcodes and augmented reality markers. Barcodes are very commonly used in various industrial applications, and they exist in one- or two- dimensional form. Augmented reality markers have relatively limited use, and they are classified as template based markers, id based markers and topology based markers. A number of robotic applications have already utilized visual tags to solve the navigation problem. In most of these applications, a new tagging system is developed and used in the limited context of the application. As a result of the review of these visual tagging systems it is concluded that augmented reality markers are the most suitable visual tags that can be used in navigational tasks of mobile robots.

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