First Evaluation of EmI Model of Interaction

S. Saint-Aimé, B. Le-Pévédic, and D. Duhaut (France)


Emotion, Interaction model, Companion robot, Simulation.


This article presents research work done in the domain of nonverbal emotional interaction for the EmotiRob project. It is a component of the MAPH project, the objective of which is to give comfort to vulnerable children and/or those undergoing long-term hospitalisation through the help of an emotional robot companion. The studies carried out on perception and emotional synthesis have allowed us to determine a method of emotional expression for our public. It is important to note that we are not trying to reproduce human emotion, but trying to make a robot emotionally expressive. Our experiments on the subject have helped us determine the minimum number of degrees of liberty necessary for the robot and helped us answer some question to validate our emotional model int a next experimentation. We begin the article by MAPH and EmotiRob project presentation. Then, we quickly describe the computational model of emotional experience iGrace that we have created, as well as give its evaluation. We conclude with a description of the architecture of Em , as well as improvements to be made to its third generation.

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