A Prototype for an Assistive Surgical MRI Compatible Robot

T. Heikkilä, P. Isto, M. Järviluoma, P. Kilpeläinen, and M. Sallinen (Finland)


Surgical robot, MRI compatible, calibration


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful imaging method for examining soft tissues without harmful radiation. MRI is now more common e.g., in neurosurgery and has substantially improved early diagnosis and localization of tumors. In this paper we present a prototype for an assistive Intraoperative MRI (IMRI) compatible surgery robot, which is targeting to facilitate surgical operations inside an MRI device, by introducing automatic preparatory stages and easening the working position of the surgeon. We present the mechanical and kinematic structure of the robot, its principal motion control system and initial kinematic calibration. The robot can be operated in automatic mode and in a coordinated motion control mode, supported by also an MRI compatible joystick.

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