Accessing the Impact of Quantification Errors in Traffic Simulation Models

L. Vasconcelos, Á. Seco, and A.B. Silva (Portugal)


Modelling, simulation, errors, traffic, SATURN


Traffic assignment/simulation models are widely applied in transport planning and traffic management operations, particularly in the scope of urban networks, but their application is, in many cases, complex and resource demanding, forcing end users to search the best balance between the level of data collection efforts and the required accuracy of the model results. However, in the absence of relevant references that show how the different kind of errors affect the outputs of the models, traffic models construction and validation has become an “art”, where the user experience is essential to guarantee efficient modeling processes and results. In the current paper a methodology which allows simulating and assessing the impacts of quantification modeling errors is presented. This methodology was tested through the development of a SATURN simulation model applied to the road network of a medium size Portuguese city (COIMBRA).

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