A Simulation Framework for Testing Flow Control Strategies

M. Gayer, M. Milovanovic, and O.M. Aamo (Norway)


Flow control simulation, Navier-Stokes, Vortex shedding.


We present a framework dedicated for simulation and control of incompressible fluid flows. The simulation is based on the Navier-Stokes model with possible control actuation from a customizable control module. We describe components of our simulation architecture: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code VISTA featuring a Navier Stokes solver, Utility library with shared functionality for customizable Flow Control modules and the configuration system allowing to define separate simulation cases. Flow Control modules are responsible for performing control calculations, reading flow fields values, actuation, storing results for post-processing in each time step. By creating new Flow control modules, we can simulate different flow control behaviour and strategies. The simulation solution and it’s components are realized in C++ using VISTA and Diffpack API. We present a case study based on this frame work, where the objective is to suppress vortex shedding around cylinders in the 2D space domain by feedback control based module with kernel coefficients pre-calculated in MATLAB using Ginzburg-Landau model.

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