Business Monitoring Solution for an e-Government Framework based on SOA Architecture

V. Müller, B. Simon, Z. László, and B. Goldschmidt (Hungary)


egovernment, business monitoring, heterogeneous system, serviceoriented architecture (SOA), event modeling, event management


The Hungarian e-Government Framework ensuring the functional co-operation of independent organizations in order to deliver public services is based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) and an e-Government Service Bus for the implementation of the integrated back-office services. Managing and monitoring of such a heterogeneous system, containg a lot of legacy governmental registers, is a difficult task, due to the lack of the common or interoperable infrastructure. Authors tested and evaluated Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tools and platforms in their Framework. They have chosen the IBM WebSphere Business Monitor (IBM WBM) as a global platform, elaborated an extensible cross-platform event management layer and introduced a common event model. After explaining the main goal of their innovations, the paper gives a short overview of an experimental implementation of their heterogeneous business monitoring solution in an e-governmental environment.

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