Key Disciplines in Multimodal User Interface Development with Interaction Design

D. Ertl, R. Popp, and M. Vallée (Austria)


Multimodal User Interface Development, Disciplines, In teraction Design, Discourses


Multimodal user interface development is complex and laborious as a user interface is not just the sum of various input and output modalities for a given application. It is even harder for context-aware user interfaces that shall support mixed-initiative. In fact, the development of multimodal user interfaces requires several expertises that consider human-computer interaction, integration of modalities, and the application logic. So, in this work we intro duce an approach for multimodal user interface develop ment that is based on interaction design and that considers mixed-initiative and context-awareness. This allows distinct disciplines to participate independently in the course of multimodal user interface development. So, in contrast to other research ideas our concept does not require continuous collaboration of developers in order to implement a context-aware user interface that supports mixed initiative. It allows a reduced collaboration between the discipline experts and their tasks. We show how interaction design for multimodal user interfaces is implemented with discourses and describe the multimodal user interface of a semi-autonomous robot that already applies the presented concept.

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